36 Reasons Why Having a Free Website is a Bad Idea

The thought of getting a free website is tempting. The internet is full of companies offering free website hosting even for self-hosted WordPress. You’re probably wondering what’s the catch? Why isn’t everyone else using a free WordPress website? In this article, we will share 36 reasons why having a free website is a bad idea and something that you should AVOID at all costs.

What Do We Mean by Free Website?

Most beginners who want to start their own website want to keep the cost low which is understandable.

So you typically Google the term free website and find many companies offering free website hosting services for free.

The thought of having free web hosting and building your site without paying anything is tempting.

Until you get a reality check. Once you sign up to these so-called “free website services”, you slowly start discovering the limitations and many of them turn out to be not free at all.

If you or your friend is thinking about getting a free website, then stop now.

And read these 36 reasons why free websites are almost always a bad idea.

  1. Extremely slow websites
  2. Unprofessional web address
  3. Trial Service is Not Really Free
  4. Hidden charges for free website
  5. They can lock down your data
  6. Irrelevant advertisements on your website
  7. They can shut down your website
  8. These companies can disappear at anytime
  9. You will lose your site address
  10. They can sell your information
  11. No site building tools
  12. No WordPress
  13. Limited WordPress
  14. Malware distribution
  15. You may become part of a link farm
  16. Limited bandwidth
  17. Low disk storage
  18. Vulnerable to hacking attempts
  19. HTML only sites with the limited number of pages
  20. Low credibility among your users
  21. Limited design choices
  22. No help or customer service
  23. You can’t run advertisements or make money
  24. There are no backups
  25. Difficult to get rid off
  26. No statistics or decent analytics
  27. You will be targeted with email offers
  28. No support for mobile devices
  29. No responsive designs
  30. No branded email
  31. No contact forms or email forwards
  32. Limited file upload features
  33. No way to setup redirects
  34. Investing time on the free website is unwise
  35. Not even for practice

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